Australia international education consulting (AIEC) is a professional education consulting company based in Sydney, Australia.AIEC offers a range of consulting services to higher education providers as well as students in Australia and around the globe. These services include  university/institute/college partnership/collaboration agreements; international/local academic staff and student recruitment services.


Each year thousands of students enroll in various academic programs in Australia. As there are numerous types of academic programs available across education providers it can be very time consuming and overwhelming process for students. AIEC’s goal is to provide each student with relevant information to make sure that students could make well-informed decisions on the type of academic programs they wish to pursue.

Higher Education Providers

Education industry is constantly evolving around the globe, which demands more flexibility from higher education providers for creating strategic steps to improve teaching techniques, student learning experience, research, technology, management approach and structure of academic programs. There are many benefits of partnerships/collaborations between higher education providers. Partnerships promote a culture of development, innovation and strategic alliances. AIEC’s services are designed to meet the needs of education providers of any size at any stage.